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Why does my grease trap need to be serviced?

Grease traps need to be serviced regularly to meet both environmental and legal obligations. Services are scheduled at regular intervals so to remove all grease buildup. Master Waste Management specialists provide grease trap cleaning in Sydney.

Why does my grease trap need to be serviced?

Foul Smell

An accumulation of excessive grease in the trap can lead to offensive smells.

Blockages & Overflows

A build-up of solids can lead to the grease trap and drains becoming blocked, causing the grease trap to overflow. Emergency services are expensive, and overflows can result in financial penalties.


In most municipalities, waste water including grease trap waste is tightly regulated. Failure to comply with the regulations can result in financial penalties being imposed by the relevant authorities.

Smooth Operations

It is important to have your grease trap serviced regularly to minimise any downtime to your business.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Cleaning – the Process

Master Waste Management specialists pump out the complete contents of the grease trap. During the service, they scrape and clean the trap with water to remove any hardened grease. The services are performed without using any chemicals.

Please note that regular services do not include cleaning or unblocking of any pipes. If required, this work should be carried out by a professional plumbing service.

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